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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Is this Dog the Mystery Golden Retriever?

I’ve received some tips that this golden retriever named Brutus is the mystery hunk that started the feud between Samantha and Jenny. Apparently he is known as a lady’s pup by all the girls at the dog run. If you remember, Samantha was sniffing him when Jenny came up and gave him a smooch which made Samantha give Jenny the snub.

I don’t know all that much about Brutus but he definitely looks like a hunk to me and I hear that he has a really sexy bark. A couple of pooches have told me that Brutus always hogs the water bowls at the dog run and loves to tease some of the smaller dogs. That doesn’t seem that nice to me. I know every girl loves a bad dog, but this one might need to learn some manners!

When I get some more information on Brutus I’ll post it as soon as I can. In the meantime, I want to let you know that there are some rumors flying around that the whole thing (sniffing and smooch) was staged by Jenny and Brutus to tease Samantha in front of the entire dog run. If you ask me, Samantha got the last laugh by snubbing Jenny. I have a feeling this feud isn’t over just yet.

XOXO woof woof, Gossip Dog.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Samantha Gives Jenny the Snub!

Hey guys. Guess who just gave Jenny the snub! It was none other than her (apparently) former friend Samantha.

Before Jenny mysteriously left doggie school last year, she and Samantha were as thick as thieves. They would dig holes together, share their pup corn, and would tease the boy doggies by stealing their chew toys when they howled at these two hotties. Even though Samantha is a cockapoo and Jenny is a standard poodle, they still could get along.

Anyway, when Jenny came back to New York in January it was clear that she and Samantha were distant. Some said it was because Jenny was dating Rusty and that she just didn't have the time--but I could smell something else.

So last night at the Washington Square Park dog run, the dogs each partnered up and trotted around in a little parade. But when Samantha was about to be paired with Jenny, she just trotted off (pictured) and left Jenny in the dust! Apparently, Jenny howled to get her to come back but Samantha keep her nose high and those big fluffy ears sealed.

I hear that Samantha had a puppy-hood crush on Rusty but Jenny didn't care when she started dating him back in January. Then, last night, Samantha was sniffing a golden retriever when Jenny came in and gave the golden a big smooch. Jenny said she didn't see Samantha sniffing
the golden but Samantha was growling in anger. No wonder she refused to march with Jenny!

I'll try to find out the info on this mysterious golden retriever.

XOXO woof woof, Gossip Dog

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The 411 on Jenny

Hey guys, I was so excited to get the scoop on Jenny and Rusty. Too bad for poor Rusty, I suppose he’ll have to lick his paws and move on. Anyway, I thought it would be a good idea if I gave a little background on Jenny now that she’s single and ready to mingle.

Jenny is a four-year-old standard poodle that lives in a swanky pad in the West Village. She’s been known to strut her stuff down Eighth Avenue and enjoys spending summer afternoons at the dog run in Washington Square Park. All the boys howl when she lets that gray fur blow in the breeze. Her favorite water is Bling H20—she wouldn’t be caught dead drinking tap from her bowl!

Although she has supposedly been living the good life during the last few months alongside her ex-boyfriend Rusty, there is apparently a dark side to Jenny. I have two sources to confirm that she mysteriously left her doggie-training school class during the spring 2008 and fall 2008 terms without explanation.

No one saw her until she was spotted with Rusty last January walking around Rockefeller Center to bark at the ice-skaters. Her doggie-training class welcomed her back for the spring term but nobody had the guts to ask this hottie why she was gone. I hear there was some real serious stuff happening but I don’t know the whole story. I’m sure I can get my paws on all the details for you :-P

XOXO woof woof, Gossip Dog.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Jenny Dumps Rusty!

Hey guys, it's me Gossip Dog. I've got some details about Jenny and Rusty. It looks like she gave him the shaft and wants to be a single girl on the town. They had been dating for nearly six months but she called it quits and I hear that she told him through a text message!

Apparently, the boys in town can't keep their paws off Jenny and she wanted to sniff out a new boyfriend. Rusty isn't exactly the most popular doggy but I think he's pretty cute. I'll try to find out if Jenny has already got her sights set on a particular dog but I have a feeling she is going to live up the single life for a while. Someone sent me this pic of her last Saturday night roaming alone with a big smile on her face with Rusty conspicuously absent.

I hear that Jenny sent Rusty the text on Saturday morning and that he didn't even see it coming. Poor Rusty slept outside Jenny's apartment nearly all Sunday hoping he'd get to see her and ask for one last chance.

Poor guy, but I happen to know that he should have been paying a little more attention to hear the last few weeks. It's summer and you can't fault a girl for being a little excited at the dog run when she sees all those hunks. Rusty should have made sure his paws were on Jenny at all times.

XOXO woof woof, Gossip Dog.

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